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xSky Review

xSky Description
xSky is new software that makes it easy to market with Skype. Skype is a free program that allows you to hold online meetings, connect with your team, market to potential clients, and promote your opportunity. But, it can be a little difficult to use effectively - this software will turn a powerful marketing tool into a powerhouse that will allow you to grow your business quickly and easily.
xsky - skype add on
xSky Detailed Overview
With xSky you will be able to network easier and more effectively. When you communicate with your list you will be able to write your message, easily personalize it, and send it to your entire list in just a matter of minutes. When it comes to your contact list you will be able to organize it without bothering with the program already built into Skype (which can be a pain to use). You have a lot of contacts and some of them are for specific types of opportunities - now you will be able to categorize each and every one of your contacts so that you are only sending them information you want them to receive. With this software you won't even have to wait for them to accept your contact request - you can place them in the correct category right away.
Do you have specific offers that are really only useable by people in certain areas? The filters built into xSky will allow you to tailor exactly who receives what. Okay, you have your list and have placed them into the correct categories - offering them the perfect opportunities. What else can this software do? It can actually help you build that list as well. xSky will allow you to easily tap into group chats - helping you find more people to add to your list. This software takes the power of Skype and then blows it out of the water. You can try it out for 7 days for only $4.95 and then keep it for only $27 for each additonal month. With a 60-day money back guarantee there is absolutely no risk on your part.
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xSky Reputation
xSky Demo Video
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People who have been using xSky to increase the power of their Skype marketing like that it is so simple to use. Others like that they can not only use it to build a list on Skype but also categorize that list into the perfect categories. If you have been using Skype to promote your opportunities and build your list then you know what a great tool it is - this software simply takes it to the next level.

xSky- a Perfect Skype Add On

Skype Add On

xSkySoftware is a time saving tool to help you organize and easily send messages to anyone on your skype contact list.
Recommended Features
  • A new way to add targeted leads to your skype list
  • A time saving tool for marketers
  • 400% more effective then email messages
  • allows you to send out messages to your entire skype list at once.
  • It is an organization tool for your skype list
This review is for the new Skype software tool called xSky. I use Skype all the time for my internet business. It is a great way to meet fellow marketers and form realationships. As your contact lists grows longer, it can be a little confusing to keep track of everyone. The new xSky software tool helps you to be more organized.

As active marketers, life can become very busy. I am always looking for tools that will accomplish things quickly and save me time. XSky is one of those time saving tools that you won't want to be without.

XSky allows you to send out a single message to all of your Skype contacts, at the same time. It is as easy as pushing a button. My email inbox is filled every day with spam. Every morning I skim through my mail looking for my important emails and simply delete the others without a second glance. If I do this, I know others must be doing the same thing.

Emails just aren't being read anymore, that's why email marketing doesn't work like it used to. When people get to know you on Skype, they are much more likely to look at and read the messages, you have sent.

It takes a lot of time to send individual messages to your Skype contacts. Wouldn't you like a software tool that would simplify that time consuming chore. This is exactly what the xSky software tools does for you. You have a 400% added chance of someone reading your Skype message then opening an email. Now you have the opportunity to use the xSky software tool to save you time and energy.

In my xSky review conclusion, I would say that Skype and xSky should be at the top of your list for essential marketing tools to promote your business.

You can see a demo video here:
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